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Now let’s find out about the top financial technology of 101 Option

A complete one-stop financial technology solutions provider that brings you success

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101 Binary Option

Includes the most popular trading method, with clear bonus display as well as immediate planning time frame.

iTradex System

iTradex system is the top data analysis tool that gives you exclusive advantages in the financial investment sector.

101 Broker Manager

You can add/remove trading tools, as well as adjust bonus levels and precision tracking of accounts and transactions.

101 CRM System

Customer Relations Management System designed for binary options brokers with biggest market effect and guest-retaining activity.

101 Social Trading

Here, your traders can easily find trading experts to follow and even conduct quality control, plus easily find out their performance compared with others in the community.

101 Affiliate Programs

Comprehensive partner management solution.


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101 Binary Option

From Sydney to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Paris, London, and New York, with the opening and closing of the world's major trading markets, binary options trading assets are also constantly changing, providing different investors with various asset trading five days a week, 24 hours. 101 Option binary options platform offers nearly 200 kinds of products, covering the world's major trading markets, with products including forex, stocks, indices and commodities. We also provide a "touch & pay" trading platform service.

"Our mission is to help the users to easily make money in binary options trading, but at the same time minimize investment risks."

iTradex System

The strengths and experiences of iTRADEX Intelligent Signal Service System serve to meet your financial investment needs. Through the latest and tested technology, we allow investors to efficiently collect, publish, and manage data and information on the binary option trading platform. With our innovative managing system, it will meet your various before and after trading needs. Our institutional trading solutions provide you with a comprehensive, all-round ability to execute, so put our strengths to your advantage.

"With our leading technology and powerful strategic layout, this will greatly increase the company and investors’ earnings. The signal calculated through the system has more than 80% of accuracy."

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Advantages of 101option

Risk Determination

Return rate clearly displayed on the platform, where you can know in advance the expected profits or risks of each transaction, with no floating risk.


No huge investment needed, as long you have a notion of the trading whether it’s going up or down, you can get 65% -85% of profit.


The transaction will be profitable as long the option is within price range during closing.

Hedging Opportunities

A secure option for a trader is to have open positions in other investments such as currencies, stocks and others.


Binary contracts take effect at any time, allowing traders to trade in multiple time periods.

Easy to use

No complex financial trading background knowledge required and can be operated by anyone.

High Profit

Single return rate of up to 85%. Even during the lighter period of the market, binary options will provide investors with a significant return on investment.

Trading varieties

Stocks, futures, precious metals, foreign exchange, indices, and other financial products under one new financial trading platform where there are as many as 180 kinds.


We focus on providing a more diverse work environment and labour, being more attuned to the needs of our customers.

Our team consists of top experts, trading and support staff, programmers and IT professionals, providing the best quality service to the world.